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COVID Level C Training & Playing Guidelines

Level C Return to Play Guidelines Effective 1st July 2020

 These ‘Return to Play Guidelines’ are the next level, and provide for the resumption of full competitive matches and other football activities at all ages and for all levels across the various leagues and competitions in New South Wales.

Level C - What is Permitted

  • Full competitive matches permitted within the Laws of the Game
  • Training/friendly matches allowed
  • Full football activities conducted at all levels (MiniRoos, 7v7, 9v9 or 11v11) including development programs
  • Team benches organized to ensure 1.5 metres between coaching staff & substitutes
  • Match fixturing and pitch allocations to be arranged to maximize spaces between pitches
  • Social distancing of 1.5 metre between spectators (e.g Parents)
  • Competitions, Leagues and Tournaments permitted
  • Change rooms and/or wet areas limited to players and team staff and thorough cleaning between use recommended
  • Full use of sporting facilities is permitted

Please click on the below links for more information on Level C Return to Play Guidelines.

Return to Play Level C Guidelines

Return to Play Level C Summary

Wet Weather Information Line 9294 8586

Message from Club President

Hi All Players, Coaches, Friends and Family,

After a very delayed start, I officially welcome you all to the 2020 season.
We are finally here and ready to kick it off on this Saturday - 4th of July.

Players and coaches - bring your A game and lets get ready to have some fun.

Parents, let's get those cheer squads happening.

Also just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the selfless volunteers, past and present that makes this club the family friendly club that it is.

GO PARRA CITY FC - make us all proud.

Yours in sport and on behalf of the hardworking PCFC committee.

Side note: canteen will not be open this Saturday but will resume trading shortly.


Damien Lum
Parramatta City FC Club President

Attn: Coaches important message re HIGH TEMPERATURES



CHILDREN       -           32°    (activity should be cancelled when ambient air temperature reaches 32°)

ADULTS           -           37°    (activity should be cancelled when ambient air temperature reaches 37°)


Cancellation may be necessary at lower temperatures, particularly where a higher level of humidity is present.  Refer to the Heat Stress Index for risk levels.


Where temperatures occur within the following ranges and a club has assessed and deemed a football activity to be safe to continue, consideration must be given to modifying the activity and increasing rest and drink breaks in shaded areas.


Children          -           26° to 31° ambient temperature     (at 32° activity should be cancelled – refer above)

Adults              -           26° to 36° ambient temperature     (at 37° activity should be cancelled – refer above)


 For further information refer to the SMA Hot Weather Guidelines and Sports Medicine Australia website.

Last updated 13 Aug 2020
Field 1Open
Field 2Open